Wednesday 26 March 2014

Weekly Face

I wasn't at all sure that I was going to post this one. It started out ok, then it got to a point where I thought it was great, and even at only half done the lady was recognizable.. always a bonus. but then I just don't know what happened and by the end, although it is a nice face and looks perfectly ok... it no longer looks like the lady in question

as always the outline

Eye and paper flowers done. here it really looked like her. I was so pleased at this point. 

But by the end it is just not her, very disappointing. I know the eyes are too big, that is a definate problem, but I also know the mouth isn't right... I just don't know why.. I guess this is all part of learning as I go along. Working out what works and what doesn't, and being able to spot mistakes and know how to fix them. 

Once I knew I had gone wrong, I didnt bother to finish the lower part at all,nor the background. 

because this started out so well, I am very tempted to do this one again. I don't usually like repeating anything, but I need to learn how to change things that haven't worked. 

Darcy x


  1. I really like the detail in what you've done. Of course, not knowing the lady in question I can't say whether it's a good likeness or not - but you definitely have a talent for drawing! I struggle with drawing faces, but I suppose it's all down to practice in the end.

  2. Beautiful face, always love how much emotion you get in their eyes and mouths. Looking forward to comparing it to your corrected one.

    Great face imho Darcy, it is wonderful to follow your drawing faces journey:-) xxx

  3. Great eyes and mouth. So much life. It's a good face. I wouldn't know where to start and it probably wouldn't look human if I was in charge of the pencil. Hope you share if you redo this one. Enjoying learning along with Darcy.

    I had happy mail today. My winnings from PA challenge arrived. Proud owner of EDY06 and can hardly wait to ink them up. Thanks and hugs.

  4. As I see them, those eyes are perfect - only you know they are too wide apart. What I see about the lips is that her left side is wider than her right. I say start over, you almost have it! Call this a first draft.

    BTW, I can't draw people if my life depended upon it!

  5. I find your honest self critique so inspirational Darcy. The permission you appear to give yourself to be able to reflect on what you have learnt and need to develop also gives us less talented and experienced artists the ability to keep practicing. For that I thank you.

    Your drawing is still amazing and I too love the life you bring to your art. Xx

  6. As ever, your blog is a pleasure to read. I have nominated you for an award x

  7. I think it's great, but of course, only you know how it's supposed to look. Maybe do it again, without referring to this one & see what happens? It's all about practicing & learning, so there's nothing lost by a redo.

  8. It is still recognisably our beautiful Lynn especially the gorgeous twinkling eyes. I know you aren't happy cos it isn't perfect, but it is still amazing and I know Lynn is chuffed to bits you were doing her portrait regardless! You are so good ... I couldnt get close to producing anyone real!
    C xxx

  9. Oh my Lord!!! You are sooooooooo talented. I am pea green with envy.
    Sandy xx