Monday, 24 March 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

This month I have been using Flexmarkers, my friend Jay had done a sketch of a Bunny girl, and very kindly allowed me to use it. I changed it up slightly until I ended up with this outline. 

I started with her ears, blending warm greys with pinks, added flicks of colour to the outer edges to give an impression of fur. 

I wanted to go for a 50's poster kind of feel, so I looked at colours of clothing from that era, and started to block in the clothing. 

I then filled in the body, again with pinks and greys, using very small ovelaid strokes to give texture. 

I added some details with a white pen. 

I continued filling in the fur and clothing, including the socks and shoes. 

Next I worked on the fence, blending dark brown in the corners and medium brown in the main areas. To give it the sun bleached effect I went over it with yellow. 

I used 3 greens behind the fence, remember further away will be lighter so use the pale green at the top and the darker green at the bottom. I blended yellow and orange into a double border. 

I added in the speech bubble and the main text, turning this into a poster for an easter egg hunt. 

Some final outlining with a grey fineliner and it's done. 

I have some Flexmarkers to give away. 

To be in with a chance of winning, do TWO things for me.
1. Add your name to the link below
2. Go to the Letraset blog and leave a comment HERE...

Only names that appear in both places will be entered. 


  1. Hello Miss Darcy, thanks for adding me to your circle, that sketch is wonderful, watching it come to life was amazing, excellent coloring and great tips, hey and she has hairy legs just like mine kool, :O). thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ((( BIG HUGS ))).

  2. Great tips. Very interesting bunny girl.

  3. oh Darcy I love your sexy bunny girl, the fur is amazing. Enjoy the easter egg hunt.

  4. Gorgeous bunny girl !

  5. I love this little retro bunny girl!