Thursday, 3 April 2014

Jennibellie Journal Challenge

Have you joined Jennibellie's ning site yet? if not then go HERE  join up.  It is free and you can get lots of journalling inspiration. She has just set up a brand new group that will share monthly journalling prompts, again free. This month is Messy Monochrome. 

I felt inspired to join in, and this is my interpretation. 

My colour choices came from this leftover bit of painted paper. 

I pulled out lots of neutrals, browns,creams,greys and chose blues as my contrast colour. These are FRESCO paints from PaperArtsy

I ripped my painted paper and glued it to my journal page along with some patterned mulberry paper and some old waste strips of paper from the top of a paper pad. 

Next I added more colour using NeocolourII crayons. 

Over the textured strips I added some Treasure gold, this wax comes in lots of colours and is available from PaperArtsy. 

I then added more paint, and a stamped border to parts of the edges. At this point, I have no real direction, I am merely building layers. 

I add stenciling and some stamping with a script stamp. 

I cut out some bird shapes to use as masks. 

I sponged paint around the birds, and once dry I rubbed it back a little to distress it. 

I wanted to highlight the border again, so I painted a lighter raggedy line around the edge. I also outlined the birds using a black pen. 

My final step was to copy out part of THIS POEM   and to add some more stamped text as a title.  The poem is written all around the border and around each bird. 

You can see how how the Treasure gold shines once it is buffed up. 

Here is the final page. 

Darcy x


  1. Truly remarkable layering techniques! I love that it all started from a bit of leftover and you added bits and bits, like a master baker creating a delicious confection.

  2. Brilliant work, Darcy. thanks for explaining how you have created the layers and texture.

  3. that is beautiful, I have not heard of this challenge and not sure what a ning site is, I will check it out when I get back... from Paris. woop woop

  4. Gorgeous pages, beautiful colours!

  5. Stunning pages Darcy, you do love layering don't you! So glad you shared how you created your look. Definitely an inspired spread of messy monochrome:-) xxx

  6. Cool page Darcy! Thanks for the step-by-step, love to see how the layers are built up.
    Alison x

  7. It's great how you shared your layering process. It was just fascinating to follow through layer by layer and I loved your colour choices too. I love what Jennie does so I will check out her 'ning' site! Julie Ann xxx

  8. Stunning page!

  9. This is gorgeous. Love the masked birds.

  10. Oh my Darcy what a great page. Really loving all the layers and your palette is great. Loving your steps too xx

  11. Wow, that looks amazing, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful idea!

  12. Great pages! Brilliant the colours and the textures. I love the pages. xx

  13. Lovely page, great use of the bird masks!! Hugs Coco x

  14. Great pages Darcy. I really like your blog too! :))