Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Weekly Face

I didn't feel up to sitting and concentrating on a proper face this week, so this is a super quick whimsy girl. 

Pencil outline

base layer blocked in with chalk acrylics

next layer neocolours

more neocolours

finished off in coloured pencil , with a little stamping and stencilling in the background. 

Darcy x


  1. Lurve your whimsical faces they are so full of character! Beautiful eye and patch, the Elizabethan ruffle collar is stunning, so much to see and so many interesting things to keep me interested.

    Wonderful Darcy:-) xxx

  2. Oh Darcy I do love this lady, super fab steam punk xx

  3. LOVE this. Such a lvely combination of colour and elements, and such a pretty little face <3

  4. Very nice, Darcy! I love the steampunk element of it.

  5. Darcy, she's gorgeous. I love her eyepatch.