Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Weekly Face

This week I am back to a pencil drawing, this is my friend Alison. Not many girls can pull off the shaved head look, but she totally rocks it. 

As always a rough outline to start. 

I started on the left side so that as I moved across the page I wouldn't smudge the drawing under my hand. I put in the eye furthest away and the nose..

I then added a little shading in the hair..

I then decided that the nose just wasn't right, so I erased that.. 

and drew it back in, much happier with it now..

I worked on the 2nd eye..

and finally reached the other side of the page where I could do the ear.. All done. 

I really like this one. Hope you do too. 

Darcy x


  1. That's fantastic Darcy.

  2. would love to draw like you Darcy x

  3. Stunning face and eyes your friend has. She is very beautiful and she can rock the shaved head look! I hope Alison loves your drawing of her :-) xxx

  4. Those eyes are so realistic! Totally fantastic drawing...

  5. Loving the eyes. A great face