Monday 23 March 2015

New Stamps. 6x6 Washi Garden

Hi everyone, here is another of my launch samples using my newest collection of stamps.  This one began as a 6x6 white/greyboard. The first thing I did was add strips of washi tape. 

I then brayered some Snowflake over the washi tape. Using Inky Pool I stamped the border from EDY11. 

I painted some smoothy with Guacamole, then using sequin waste I stencilled some Hyde Park. over this I stamped the leaf from EDY14. 

I cut the leaves out, and added black stems of differing lengths. I also added Beach Hut to the leaves. 

I mixed some Inky Pool with Grunge paste and added that around the edges. I then painted some smoothy with Pumpkin Soup, onto this I stamped Wilbur the Chicken King from EM14. I also stamped him directly onto the washi tape. 

I cut out his body, crown and wing all separately and glued them over the image on the washi, layering them all up. 

On smoothy I painted some Beach Hut and then stamped the large flower from EDY 14, the stem was stamped on some smoothy that was painted with Guacamole. I also stamped the small flower from EM10. Both of these were glued on and shaded with Fibralos. 

I stamped the text from EDY13, and created a border underneath the text using the flower stem from EDY12. I finished the piece off by rubbing Treasure Gold around the Grunge paste edges. 

Hope that gave you some ideas. 

Darcy x


  1. Aaaw....that is so sweet...Spring is finally in full swing :D XXX

  2. Lovely project Darcy.....great colour scheme. And the chicken king is soooo cute

  3. Loving the washi tape background and then the overstamping, looks fabulous! :-) xxx

  4. Fab idea with the washi tape background, great fun x

  5. That is gorgeous, I love the background.