Friday 31 July 2015

The Jello Tour...

Some lovely friends from America are currently on a Wendy Vecchi tour to the Uk, visiting several towns and doing workshops. Yesterday myself and Clare went all the way down to Stratford upon Avon to meet up with them. it meant 10hrs or travelling for me, a really long day, but it was worth it. 

I set off by train at 7.15am, it took 2hours to get to Huddersfield where I was meeting Clare. I whiled away the time by watching Penny Dreadful on my ipad, clearly watching vampires and other monsters is the done thing on a busy train!!! I also did some messing about with a Dreary Dead girl face in my journal. Obv she is a train driver.. 

I covered the page first using Peerless watercolours, then sketched the face, and then shaded using Stabilo pencils. Finally added highlights with a posca pen. just a play with minimal supplies on a train. 

Clare picked me up from the train station then we had a 3hr drive ahead of us.. though we did stop off for coffee.. 

Finally we arrived and after lots of hugs we sat down with Diane, Darcie and Johnna. 

We ordered afternoon tea and chatted and laughed and went online to stream and we exchanged gifts. The girls brought so much stuff with them and gave me so much, including composition books, stamps, stencils, ATCs and more... including a 1960's girraffe costume lol

I had made the girls one of my painted panel bags, and Clare made Ice Resin embellishments to hang off the bags. 

I made cakes, here is Darcie pouring tea and tucking into one.. 

Apparently it was good!

Johnna was playing with her selfie stick..

and when it wouldn't work she shook it lol

Before we knew it time had flown and it was late afternoon, so we went for a walk around Stratford. 

I have no idea where she thought this would lead lol

While out and about we bumped into Wendy Vecchi. 

The birthplace of Shakespeare..

no idea if this has significance to the town, but i liked this jester statue.. 

We stopped for a cuppa in a lovely little cafe, which had this cool wallpaper. 

All too soon it was time to head home... but not before lots more photos.. 

Clare and Johnna doing glam poses lol

I finally got home at 1am, after stopping off at Clare's for a while. Fantastic day, thanks everyone. 

Darcy x


  1. So glad you guys had a fun visit!

  2. Sounds fabulous!!! So glad you got to meet Wendy too!! She is a sweetie!!! Sure wish I could have went on that trip!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I"m living vicariously through you and yes, I'm Jelly!

  4. looks like a great day!!

  5. Wow! That was a long day! But what fun you had! I've been to Stratford a few times now and it's such a pretty place, even though it's a bit touristy! I love the train-driver girl! Great colours! She reminds me of Tim Burton's style, which I love! xx

  6. I bet Stratford will so remember all of you lol...and we need a pic of you in that suit :D XXX

  7. What a fabulous day...thanks for taking us along. I had a great time. Love your tea time.

  8. So much fun to visit with friends...sounds like you had the best reunion ever!!!

  9. Yay! So glad you had a great time!

  10. It sure was wonderful to meet you and Claire !!

  11. What a wonderful adventure!

  12. From all the smiles it looks as if everyone enjoyed themselves. And I love the little face you did.

  13. Fab face and oh what fun!

  14. Fabulous face and thank you for sharing all this lovely pics!
    oxo Susi

  15. Oh it looks like you guys had just a wonderful time! I adore the fact you managed to do art on the move too! Fabulous! Thanks for joining in #ShareYourFace and for the great share. Kx

  16. Love your post and we had such a great day ! I am still petting my bag and charm :)