Monday, 12 October 2015

Musical Reindeer

This card started life as a PaperArtsy postcard, you know they cool ones that are popped in with all your orders.. 

I added some music paper, it doesn't matter about the edges as these will be covered later. 

I brushed on a little Nougat and then stencilled Emma Godfreys stars with Toffee and Nougat. 

The reindeer is embossed using WOW embossing powder in Vintage Champagne over painted card. i mixed some Grunge Paste with ink and then applied that around the edges. Once dry I brushed it over with Treasure Gold. 

I love the lumpy shiny border..

Darcy x


  1. A great make Darcy! Love the reminder about doing chunky grungy edges. He is splendid! Xx

  2. Love it Darcy. The edges look fab x

  3. Love it! The shiny edges look great.