Friday 16 October 2015

Skully Cover

I wanted to make something else with my sugar skull cover stamp from Craft Stamper, and decided this lil skull would look cool in a repeating pattern. I was thinking along the lines of a pop art layout, but instead of the bright colours I wanted to use black,grey and red. 

I began with a piece of cartridge paper long enough to wrap around my journal plus extra for turning over. i marked out the whole piece into 5cm squares, using the left over space to create borders between the squares. 

The colours I used were Concrete, Elephant, Slate, Black, Cherry Red, Blood Orange. I painted all the squares.

Then using the skull stamp, {available for free on the front cover of this months Craft Stamper..}I stamped into each square. I used several ink pads in greys, reds, black and white.. so that the skulls were a different colour to the square they are on. 

I then trimmed some strips of white card. 

I glued these between the squares. You will see there are areas with no strips, these are the fold lines. If I added strips there they would just come off when the book was folded. 

Once dry I trimmed the strips, and turned the whole piece over. I glued brown parcel paper to the inside and then painted this with black gesso. 

using the journal as a guide I folded in the ends and stitched them into place. 

I use a zigzag stitch.. 

I gave the whole of the outside a coat of acrylic wax, this makes the cover wipe clean. 

Darcy x


  1. This is just so cute! I just realised your skully is a selfie lol :D XXX

  2. What a darling book. That skull stamp is delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great idea, the finished cover looks wonderful.