Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Calendar challenge : December

Here we are, the last month of the challenge. My calendar is looking  abit the worse for wear, a bit dog eared and some of the pages have come loose.. but it is full of painty goodness and I am pleased that I completed it. 

So a refresh of the rules for December. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - use a stick dipped in ink or paint to write your title or journalling
3. Add – theme, let's have a bit of Christmas, or if you don't do Christmas then something wintery. 
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from December 1st 2015

This is how my page started, it is a piece by Vincent Van gogh. 

I kept a bit of the window, some of the table legs and the red coer from the bed. 

Then I blocked in the countryside, using the table legs for tree trunks, the window became the moon, and the red is of course for Santas bag. 

I added a bit more colour.. 

then some black outline/doodling with a pen and some white paint for snow. 

then I blocked in Santa..

and the title in black using a stick to write with.. 

 I added a little white highlighting with a posca pen.

On the planner half I painted the baclground with various greens, then added white, then stamped the title in red ink and stamped the snowflakes in blue. 

This is how the planner page looks finished. 

and here is the final art page done. 

I hope you liked that, thankyou to everyone that has joined in this year. it has been wonderful to see how you interpreted the challenges. Keep on arting. 

Darcy x


  1. Simply fabulous Darcy, really amazing transformation.
    I haven't joined in your calendar challenge this year just by lack of time, but let's me say that I really regret.. I have so much to learn from you and I admire so much ALL your works, always genius :)
    Coco xx

  2. What Coco said about genius...your art is always a surprise and very creative. Thanks for the last 3 or 4 years of challenges...I've enjoyed them all...AND YOU! You're a great artist and teacher, Darcy. Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, successful and fulfilling 2016. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŽ‰

  3. So clever, a fitting finish to the year x

  4. happy santa month. xoxo

    ps thanks for all you do for all of us

    more xoxoxo