Wednesday 9 December 2015

PA Christmas Party 2015

hi everyone, welll it is that time of year, sparkly nail varnish and silly hats.. After feeling perfectly grim for 3 weeks with some sort of bug I was so glad to start eating again and be able to travel south to join in the festivities. 

I set off on Saturday evening, trying to pack light, after all I was only going for 2 nights, but you know how it is.. so much stuff is 'needed' 

Due to the awful weather trains were all running late, and it was a cold wait, but I got to PA HQ in one piece. 

I was all prepared with sparkly nails.. 

and I had on my new winter boots.. 

On Sunday morning we were all up bright and early to set up the venue. 

We set up a full shop which looked fab once done.. 

Leandra had brought badges for everyone..

After lots of hellos and hugs and catch ups we took our places and the morning session began.  The very lovely Tracy Scott had come along to teach 2 workshops. Here she is with our morning project (photo by Chris)

This was a fun class. here is mine with the first layers on..


and here is me working away.. (pic snapped by Chris)

my morning table was shared with Lauren Hatwell, Alison Hall, Becky Hardman, Sarah Philpot and Debs Wainwright. Such a fun group, we laughed all morning. 

Leandra was on the next table, this appears to be the standing up table lol Leandra, Sue Carrington, Ruth Mescall, Lin Brown, Hazel Agnew

Everyone working hard as Tracy toured the room 

Jo Firth Young, Clare charvill and Kim Dellow

Helen Lindfield, Jo Vickery, Liz Borer and Lesley Ebdon

Then we broke for lunch , which was a fabulous buffet. On our table me and Lauren had to pick up the slack as Alison was being very good and not eating cakes!

During lunch Jo came around and gave us Christmas ornaments, so sweet. I have no idea how she found the time to make them. Congrats on your new job Jo. 

After lunch it was all swap, we moved around the room to different tables. This was a great way to meet other people, and actually went really smoothly. 

I ended up with the rutting deers.. 

this is what we were making on the afternoon, this is Tracy's version, and it was gorgeous. So bright and cheery. 

here is the first layer of mine, I did get more done however both my projects need finishing off. I will post photos when I get them done.. 

One last photo, this was taken by Hazel, and features some kind of boot modelling muppet.. 

This was such a fun day, so pleased I could be there catching up with old friends and new. it is always a treat to meet people that you have previously only known through emails. in particular, Lauren.. her emails make me chuckle so much, was great to meet her. 

hugs and laughs with my fellow designers and chit chat and giggles with the PAtwits who are just wonderful people. 

thankyou to everyone who came along and made it such a great day. huge thanks to Mark and Leandra for their continued support of all of us, and for making this day possible. Thanks also to Tracy for coming along to teach this bunch of rabble, you did a great job Tracy. 

Darcy x


  1. Looks like an amazing time. Glad you're feeling better :-)

  2. Glad you are feeling better. What a great weekend that looked! x

  3. What a fab weekend! Missed you all! So glad you were there to eat my cake and Alison's too!

    Lucy x

  4. Looks like you have had a great time Darcy and all the other PAtwits too, even more all together!!! :D Thanks for the share and all these fun and beautiful photos!
    Hugs Coco xx

  5. It was a wonderful day, wasn't it, Darcy. Lovely to see you again, it's been too long! Can't wait to find time to finish my canvases, only I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet!

  6. Wasn't it a great day! Thanks so much for sharing your pics. It was great to meet you too. You probably had to massage your poor ears when you got back to PAHQ didn't you!? LOL Lx

  7. What a GREAT way to begin the Christmas holidays!! Hope the joy continues for you throughout the coming year, Darcy!
    Big Hugs...

  8. It was great to see you, Darcy & such a wonderful day.