Friday 19 August 2016

Cakey -Bakey

I had some leftover strawberries, so decided to make them into a summer cake..not that we are having much of a summer, but cake makes everything better!

First I made 2 Victoria sponges. 

and some Lemon and Lavender shortbread. I also chopped up the strawberries, keeping just a few whole. 

I whipped up some cream and added the chopped strawberries and spread these over one of the cakes. 

then added the other cake on top.. 

more cream on top.. 

I scattered the rest of the chopped strawberries onto the cream. 

I dipped the whole strawberries into melted white chocolate and put these in the fridge to set. 

Finally I arranged some of the Lavender shortbread and the choc-dipped strawberries on the top.. all ready to eat. 

Have to say it was flippin delish.. 

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