Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Seth Apter Tag 1

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying a few nice summery days. I have been squirreled away in my room creating samples for a special weekend hosted by PaperArtsy. This coming weekend 3rd/4th Sept, PaperArtsy is hosting the fabulous Seth Apter. Two days of workshops, it is going to be fabulous!

The second of the two days is just for retailers and teachers, and I will be there along with other PA designers, where we will be doing short demos during the day. 

I have several samples prepared ready, and over the next couple of weeks I will show them to you. 

In each sample I have used a mix of Seth Apter's products ( stamps, dies,stencils) and also other PA products, including my own stamps and stencils. 

For this first tag I cut down some old patterned paper to a tag size. I wasn't sure if I wanted the original paper t show through, in the end it didn't, but started with the text in the background gave me a great first layer. 

I added PaperArtsy Fresco paints in Teresa Green, Turquoise, Dolly Mix , more Teresa Green, and then a little Captain Peacock. These were all brayered on. 

The next later was Seth's bubble wrap stamp using Granny smith paint. 

To this I added his French script stamp using Dolly Mix and his spotty stamp using Green Patina Archival ink. 

To knock all this back I used one of his stencils and Snowflake paint. To finish the background I used my edging stencil PS030 with slick stix in blue and black.

Onto smoothy card I stamped my feather from EDY09, this remains one of my favourite stamps. I used Cornflower Archival ink, and then fussy cut the whole thing out. 

On black card I stamped Seth's square and small scratch stamp using Slate paint, overlapped these two now become an inkwell. 

The layered Splatter Proof die is crunchy wax paper. I like using crunchy as the bottom layer as it is so thin it adds very little bulk and so top layers glue gown nice and flat. 

The bottom spikey layer is crunchy painted first white and then with Bougainvillea. Over this I used the Robo ring die and smoothy card painted with Dolly mix and a little Bougainveillea. The centre is the Take Flight die, painted with Cpt Peacock and a little dry brushed white. 

I added some more stencilling just down the centre using Seth's Timeless and Past,present,future stencils. i then started to add some detailing using black and white pens. 

The right side looked a little bare so I added Coffee ring halves, painted in Dolly Mix. I overstamped some of the die cuts with black archival ink for more interest. 

I will have another sample for you on Friday. 



  1. Fab!!! Looking forward to Saturday! xx

  2. Fantastic! Love the image and beautiful background. Good luck Seth' s invent. xx

  3. Lovely looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Margaret