Monday 8 August 2016

Some pages

Hi there, I have been trying to keep up with Wanderlust, however there is so much of it I am way behind. I am doing ok with the one collage challenge and the Wanderlust pages get done when I have time. Sadly the classes are on hold for now. I do download them all and will get to them when I can. 

So here is a bit of a catchup with pages. 

This page was for the prompt 'what are you most grateful for' After 11 operations in 11 yrs I have a lot to be grateful for regarding the nhs. This was a quick doodle of an old fashioned ambulance. 

Another prompt was 'fingerprint' This isn't mine, it is a doodle of a fingerprint, just done with a black pen. The background was lots of layered stencilling. 

This one doesn't look like much, but it is actually finished. The prompt was 'what is different today from a year ago' This represents my swimming journey and there is a lot of muted text in the centre section talking about this subject. 

This prompt was 'what are you passionate about' For me it is colour. I started by writing words associated with art, using Crayola Slickstix so they could be blended a little and blurred. {The background is ink through a piece of tapestry canvas}

Over the top I added a colour wheel using the new stamp set from Everything Art.EEA03 I also added painted fabric flowers and circles, and finally the stamped text from one of my own stamps. EDY18

Darcy x