Sunday 11 November 2007

Just finished this years Advent Calendar, many thanks to Gail for letting me copy hers.

So I started with a baking tray, I got mine from the pound shop and it only has a shallow lip on it.

Next I put 2 holes in the top using my cropodile, which went through the metal very easily.

I then added patterned paper to one side of the tray(if the tray was being used for baking this would be the wrong side)On the main paper I marked out a grid of 15 squares. I added a bit of velvet ricrac where the top 2 papers meet, and a scalloped piece of paper to the bottom join. A title was cut on the Cricut and attached with sticky foam pads to give a little height. I added various Christmas stickers to the 25 squares

Next I cut 25 squares from chipboard, I used a thick cuts die, but they could be cut by hand,make sure they are slightly smaller than the squares marked out on the tray. Each chipboard square was covered in patterned paper. I punched out some tiny trees and 'scribbled' numbers on them before attaching to the squares with foam pads.

On the back of each square I glued a small round magnet

The decorated chipboard squares are stored on the back of the tray

Each day a square is taken from the back and brought around to the front, by Christmas Day the front will be completely full.

Lastly I attached ribbon to the holes at the top.

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