Tuesday 10 February 2009

Ian's birthday today, and mine tomorrow. There is a mahoosive box for me to open...no suprises though as i do know what it is. However I did not know it had been ordered till I opened the door to the delivery man. I still wouldn't know what's inside but it is clearly printed on the side of the box, which is a shame, but i am very happy as it's something I really,really want.

I got Ian a TomTom for his birthday, and some books, and also made him some knitted socks. We have already been out in the car to see where the TomTom would take us...it took us to Hobbycraft and Starbucks...go figure!

I have loads of birthdays this month, and I am so crap at sending cards. I fail big time, I missed every single birthday in January, about 12 of them!!! So I have made some cards in an attempt to remember all the Feb birthdays...no promises for March.





oh and these are pen rolls that i made at christmas for 3 friends, the fabric rolls have 12 slots inside which I filled with Sakura pens.


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