Friday 8 January 2010

So journal your year!!! are you doing one, if so which one? there are so many the mind boggles, least mine does......though to be fair it doesn't take much.

I have looked at all the online free prompts, none of them really grab me, can't afford any of the paid for ones,and really do I want to commit to something for a whole year. Sounds like too much hard work to me. But then ,as I was getting sick of reading about all the enthusiasm of my fellow crafters, getting revved up for the year ahead, I happened to make a joke status update on FB. This read as follows...

"hmmmm all these scrapping ideas,365 days, journal your year,52 in 10,a photo a day,document 2010,A-Z this,that and the other...I think I am gonna do '2010, a year in cakes'..."

this was meant as a joke,simply a parody of all the prompts out there. But then, worryingly, it started to seem like a good idea....and then friends commented, and i got caught up in the moment lol

So 52 cakes in one year, baking them isn't a problem, though I will be calling for recipes, it's the eating I am concerned about!!!

I have cut a front and back cover in the shape of a cupcake, on the cricut. I plan to laminate the recipes and fix them inside the book with velcro so they can be pulled out and used. I would also like to take a nice photo of each cake, and for this I will require some pretty china plates...

hey if i can't eat the damn cakes I bloomin well deserve some china out of it!

so my hunt for cheapy china is on, and today I scoured the charity shops, well perhaps scoured isn't entirely true..I happened to be passing 2 of them and popped in. I got 2 blue and white side plates(different patterns) I think 6-8 plates will be enough, and having them all mismatched will be cool.

I also got some laminating pouches in the £1 shop, so it's all systems go. No idea how to make the pages yet, what cardstock to use. Obv it needs 52 pages so I don't want to use anything too bulky, so chipboard pages are out. I did think about getting some old recipe books and gluing 2-3 pages together to make the required thickness....or maybe not, I am sure that will work itself out.
hmm what else, I drew a giraffe for my A-Z art journal, with only one letter finished last year, it could be a longterm project lol i am very hesitant to start colouring him in, not entirely sure where to start with 'fur'

oh and we have had snowfall after snowfall. I have come to the very scientific conclusion that similar to marmite, you either love snow or you hate it...SNOMITE.

Crop tomorrow, spose I should pack a bag...


  1. love the plates, we have the willow patten ones here and the flowery one is so pretty almsot a shame to put a cake on it!!!

    the giraffe is amazing, you are one talented lady xxx

  2. Mismatched plates are uber uber chic. Been telling myself that since I decided to buy a coupe some years ago...we now live off an extensive collection, beware! Don't colour the giraffe....

  3. Darcy, I will happily help you eat all that cake, not a problem ;)

  4. hahaha I am getting offers of help with the eating from all over the place. If Royal Mail were super brill I would be posting cake off to everyone.

    Julia I have to colour him or I will be in trouble for not using all my new pens and pencils lol