Monday 20 September 2010

Breakfast bars/Flapjacks...

As I have the invalid one at home, not exercising but still eating I wanted to make something tasty as a treat that was as healthy as possible. NICOLE very kindly sent me a recipe on facebook for these breakfast bars....though we have been eating them in the afternoons lol Do check out Nicoles blog, she is amazing, in constant pain, yet she manages to go running, do stuff with her family and create really inspired pieces of art.

1/2 Cup Oil
3/4 cup of sugar ( I used golden caster)
2 Eggs
2 TBL milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
3 Cups of Oats
1 3/4 Cups Flour
1 tsp Bicarb soda

Fruit and 'stuff' to make them tasty....add whatever you like.

the recipe that Nicole sent had twice as much sugar, and as I was trying to make a healthy snack I wondered if I could cut it right back. I halved it to just 3/4 of a cup, and it worked perfectly, the bars are just sweet enough.

1. Combine the oil,sugar,eggs,vanilla,milk and salt. Whisk until the sugar is well blended.
2. In another bowl combine the flour,cinnamon, baking powder and oats.
3. Mix the dry ingredients into the liquids.
3. At this point add 1 1/3 cups of yumminess....

However, as I have lots of packets of yummies that I couldn't decide between, I opted to split the basic mixture into 2 bowls.

4. In bowl one I added.. 2/3 of a cup of mixed chopped,dried cranberries,apricots and white chocolate chips. (2/3 of a cup in total, not 2/3 of each)

5. In bowl 2 I added 2/3 of a cup of dried banana chips,raisins and butterscotch chips ( available in Sainsburys)

6. mix well and turn into a greased baking tin. This is an oblong one, so I piled each flavour at the ends...

7. and then using my fingers I pressed the mixture down to flatten it.

Bake at Gas mark 4 for 20 mins, then leave to cool...

Cut into squares and enjoy with a cuppa.


  1. Ooh lilicious. I'll take one with sultanas and buterscotch please. Boredom is a good sign for OH, menas the shock is passing and now the recovery period sets in - no doubt you will have the patience of a saint.

  2. We'll often split the batch so we can have different flavors too. But, with all my big eaters, doubling is now the norm.

    Thanks for working out the sugar issue. It's amazing to me that the recipe I use had half the sugar of the original one. Apparently a quarter the sugar is the trick. Crazy! I'll be sure to make them your way next time.

    Glad they worked out for you.

  3. ooh I made apple rumble yesterday - I missed out the 'c'

    argghh I hate Mondays...hope you are settling into a (horrid?) routine...68 to go


  4. Mmmmm yummy! and the socks are fantastic!

  5. I loves Nicole I does. Amazing woman. Now one question which often puts me off trying American recipes - is a cup literally a cup out of the cupboard? These look num nummy!