Monday 21 March 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 12. Deception

Definition=something that deceives or is intended to deceive; fraud; artifice

Did you ever lie to protect someone? Did a lie ever hurt someone? If you could put it right how would you do that?

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  1. ow]

    double ow[[

    that is ow not owl my fingers slipped because it is lush monday

    I did yoga and I am eminently sensible and I always follow my body not my mind i breathe and I stretch and spend more time in the relaxation poses than is strictly necessary. Then I call it meditation

    and my body decided tonight that my hips were flexible enough to touch my toe to my nose - and that was fine,

    but only my left hip,

    my right hip is now totally on strike because it is jealous of my left hip's nose picking abilities

    jesus who designed us with mostly two of everything so that we have body parts that are in competition with it's other half? and my two humongous tits really do get in the way of looking elegant whilst doing yoga...I think I may be deceiving myself on some level....

    any way

    what I wanted to say is I LOVE this weeks word and I am going to have to find LOADS of time to do the thing I want to might be a Saturday night posting