Friday 17 June 2011

52 pages 2011

page 24.. Voyage.

The word voyage immediately makes me think of ships and travelling the seas.Which in turn makes me thinkof my favourite romantic qute of all time, from the film Bram Stoker's Dracula.

"I have crossed oceans of time to find you"

I just love it, makes me go a bit weak at the knees. So I knew I wanted to use this quote, but I wanted the page to be about that journey for true love...rather than being about vampires.

I coloured the front and back with blue acrylics..

I also find Celtic history romantic, the knots are never ending, and are often used in wedding bands. So I added some Celtic stencilling, again to both back and front.

Next I added some vintage images of a watch and a poster for a watchmaker to the front. I also added some black hearts, they were more of a reference to the vampire.

On the back I added another huge watch face.

Then I added my title to the front and journalling to the back. i printed it out, stuck it on and coloured it red...big mistake. by the time I had finished waffing about with it, drying it, taking photos...I hated it. So at 4am this morning i was carefully peeling all the text back off.

So now it has been redone, and I am happier with it.

The front..

and the back.....going back to the vampire quote, I wanted my personal journalling to be in the same style. So even though I had had half a bottle of wine I set about writing how it would be to search for a true love....not sure whether the wine helped or not, the thesaurus proved to be a lifesaver.

"The voyage has been long and not without heartache. I have battled against the winds of time, facing each change of course with steadfastness.

Through the darkest of days and the loneliest of nights I have searched. I have felt the compass of my heart strain with the effort; followed the path of stars left in the wake of your smile.

To find you. To gaze upon that which binds me to this journey. Knowing with utmost certainty that one glance from you, one accidental brush of your skin against mine, one sweet kiss…and I will be lost.

Lost for all time. It is this fate I rush headlong towards, willingly. Proffering my heart before me, bound in the recognition that it is already yours."


  1. Oooow! Goosebumps! Tingly Goosebumps! Brilliant journalling!! :D XXX

  2. Of course I read and looked at this before doing mine - now I am decidedly in the 'hmm what can I do' camp - will post my page before Monday, because the Word of Darcy is a peaceful haven of creativity in my busy world..., also will mail you off line...

    and I agree the romance of a deeply forged bond is jelly to the knees...