Thursday 16 June 2011

strength of a tiger...

that's what we women have...

I started by writing a message to myself , about staying strong, being focused, living to fight another day... i then gessoed over this.

I then coloured this with neocolours.

To this I added lots of background stamping,layers of white acrylic, more stamping,more paint etc

I then added some print outs of acanthus leaves... and some leaf stencilling.

I coloured the print outs with necolour washes...

Then I drew my tiger girl, easier said than done. She almost went in the bin several times. Once happy with the position I glued her into the journal.

then i painted her, adding hair that flowed into the page...

Finally I printed out 3 verses of a poem by Kavita Ganness and added the to the right hand side, blending in the edges with more neocolours and paint.

the poem...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous hun, thanks for the step by steps sometimes I forget the wonders of paint!

  2. another stunner, just love everything about this one and given everything that I appear to be facing right now, I loved the poem and find the whole project so inspiring on this day in particular. Brilliantly done Darcy :)

  3. WOW!!! Such a powerful page!!! Fantastic! :D XXX

  4. That is amazing Darcy & such a positive, strong message to send to yourself.

  5. the tiger girrrrrl came out great..

  6. All the hard work you did on the background really gives great depth to your tiger girrrl. Thank you so much for sharing how you did it. I love the artwork on your blog. It makes me want to see more more MORE.

  7. Hi Darcy! you asked about the images on my page, well it is all hand drawn. doodled figure onto vellum stuck over a sketched background. You guys have been inspiring me to "do my own thing" :D Thanks for the compliment :D XXX

  8. Wow Darcy this is fabulous xxx