Monday 27 June 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 26. Alliance

Definition= a group of people who have come together because of shared interests or aims.

Who do you share your interests with, how did you find them? Do you consider them just acquaintances or have they become friends? How important is this alliance…or do you go into battle alone? Do you feel stronger with them by your side, could you achieve your goals without them?


  1. Definitely my arty farty crafty friends, mixed bunch of ages, types, skills and talents. We met up in various ways.... at home, at one off workshops, regular craft group meetings (on line and get togethers) blogging, at shows and chance meetings in shops. Like souls find each other like magnets.
    They are thoughtful and generous,... inspirational for crafty matters and supportive, loving and caring, for personal matters and I definitely feel stronger for having them all as friends.
    I am sure I could reach my goals without them but I know it is much easier, lots more fun and interesting with them! I class myself as extremely lucky. Thanks for bringing this to mind.
    How about YOU?
    love JoZarty x

  2. Gosh, this one is tricky! :D XXX

  3. Hi there Darcy! Thank you for the positive comments about my first blogging attempt! You always seem to come up with something out of left field, along with Doone - really interesting and fun to read. I'll have to find out about setting up a blog, don't know much about it to be honest, but it's been a fun experience and good to share in Julia's camaraderie! xx

  4. Hi :D You can find my take on this word here XXX