Tuesday 14 June 2011

A couple of things..

You remember the post I made about the raffle to help Daisy dog with her operation....well she is doing just fine, this is the bag I made as one of the raffle prizes.

I hope whoever wins it, likes it.

Some friends and I recently had a sewing day together. I gathered all my leftover scraps of fabric, that were really too small do do anything much with..and I set about making this bag.

You can make one too. The destructions are on this blog....

I have had them printed out for absolutely ages, so I was pleased to finally get around to making it. i made mine slightly bigger, it measures 15.5inches tall by 12 inches wide, and each handle is 21 inches long.

Oh and I also added a simple rectangular pocket inside mine too.

Since making it I have had 3 people ask where they could buy it from. I love it when people do that lol

This week I felt the urge to make a mermaid page in my journal...so I did.

It is mostly neocolours and white acrylic, but there is also a lot of stamping with navy stazon. 3-4 layers of stamping with colours over the top, they really don't show well on camera, especially in the sea area.

close up of the sea..

close up of texture...


  1. I just love your bags....so, so beautiful! And your mermaid oooh it is just amazing! So much lovely stamping and details...
    Lots of hugs,

  2. Gush gush gush - wonderful, beautiful, very talented,

    yep, inspirational.

    Bask in the praise...


  3. That is an amazing page ...screams with the feel of the mystical sea.I so love the bags.The first is amazing and the second almost as amazing ..but do-able by us meer mortals lol

  4. Fab bags & stunning journal page Darcy.

  5. I'm sure anybody would be absolutely delighted with the blue bag; all your bags are fabulous :-) Totally love the mermaid pages.
    Anne xx

  6. How did I miss this one???? Lovin your style :D XXX

  7. Hi Darcy! Thanks for making my Blossie Bag. Yours is gorgeous! Can I say you are one seriously talented woman. Your art is beautiful! It is so lovely to find your blog. I will be watching your work keenly :) Best wishes, Ros