Thursday 14 July 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 28 Pledge...woo hoo I am on time this week, actually I am early...go me!

I didn't have a clue about this page, I can recall no pledges ever being made. I never got married so no pledges there either. I make a point of not really making promises, because as soon as you do you are unable to keep them, and I really didn't want to do a page about furniture what to do hmmmm

then I remembered this little poem that i had sent to  friend ages ago, sorry I have no idea who it is by.

I used my faux lumiere paints that I mixed up, and first brayered yellow on both the front and back. now I have a bit of a problem with yellow, I really do not like the colour yellow, it is the colour of bad and wrong. it does not make me feel sunshiny and happy, I don't know why.

So I brayered blue over the yellow.

then I painted the brown onto some corrugated cardboard and used it as a stamp.

I heated it to dry it...cos I am impatient, plus I love to watch things bubble up...this paint did not disappoint, in fact it bubbled fantasmagorically.

Now I am not sure if this is the front or the back, really I guess an image should go on the front, but as the poem/quote was my inspiration..I am thinking this might be the front. I wrote it out onto lined  kraft paper, and glued it down, but I only glued it at the top, so you can lift it to still see the bubbled paint..cos I lubs that bit.

On t'other side...I stamped more bubbling this time. Oh I also stencilled some red paint around the edges.

then I wasn't really sure what to put on it. I ended up with an image from google, that I distressed around the edges, curled up, dabbed some red paint on and glued down.

PROJECT 2012...

Oh and I have been pondering on a new weekly project for next year, as a few people told me they wished they had seen this challenge sooner, but felt they couldnt join in as they were so far really doesn't matter, you can join in whenever you wish...and you dont hve to do all the pages anyway...but i, years weekly challenge will be announced around November time, so plenty of time for people to decide if they want to join in come January. All I will say is that it will involve a different country around the world each week, so if you think you might want tojoin in start collecting foreign stuff...


  1. Oh that page is gorgeous and the plan for next year sounds interesting above and beyond! Loving all the pages I keep telling people to hop on board whenever they feel like it too!

  2. Thats a great look, the corrugated board stamp :D And I'm already looking forward to next years journal :D MY pledge page is here :D XXX

  3. I really like that you have taken a piccy at each stage, its nice to see how it progresses. Lea x

  4. I love you tutorials for each page. Wonderful work. I look forward to starting out at the beginning next year.

    I am one of those folks that found this too late in the year and now trying to do the pages as they come out and work backwards as I can.

    Thanks for inspiring me.