Saturday, 10 December 2011

52 Pages 2011

page 49. Evolve.

Firstly I took an old book page and glued that to my page. It is very soft absorbent paper, and as I wanted to colour it with water soluble crayons, I decided to seal it with matte medium first.

Next I added a strip of patterned paper along the bottom. Then I coloured the page using neocolours. because I was working over matte medium, it meant I could push the colours around  lot to blend them, instead of them sinking into the paper. It does mean that the colours are always vulnerable, even when dry...if anything wet touches them, they will wipe off.  To seal fully you would have to use a spray varnish.

I drew and added a chrysalis, and then I did a butterfly transfer using a printed image and mod podge.

I added the title..

I used the same colours  and patterned paper on the back.

I decided that this week I wanted my journalling to be private, so I wrote it out and popped it into a book page envelope and glued it to the page.


  1. this is maybe my favoritestestsest one of the 52 pages yet.

    plus, i do love the concept of a chrysalis.


    (and the reality of it)

  2. beautiful, love the envelope idea for private entries too, it feels extra special somehow

  3. This is such a beautiful page Darcy, and I echo the comment about the specialness of the hidden journalling :D XXX