Monday, 3 December 2012

Colourful Tree Decorations

Here is a great little project, quick and easy, and the children can get involved too. 

First you will need some basic shapes. If you are lucky enough to have a cutting machine then use that, or you can freehand them but don't worry about drawing anything complicated all you need are basic shapes. If you are really stuck then google for 'basic Christmas templates' There are so many free ones on the internet that you can print off and use to draw around. 

I used a die cutting machine for 3 of mine and freehand drew the rest. You will need 2 of each in smooth paper and 1 of each in a stiff card. Having a rigid centre section will make these really sturdy and look almost like the wooden ornaments of days gone by...

Put the rigid middle layer to one side and colour in your 2 outer layers. Remember to reverse the ones that are not symmetrical. I used my  FLEX MARKERS to colour these, their soft brush nib is ideal and covers the shapes really quickly, and the huge colour range means you can choose whichever will best compliment your room/other holiday decorations.

Now is an ideal time to add to your Flexmarker collection as many of the packs are now in the sale.

You can do the 2 sides identical or vary the colours and patterns that you use. If you are making these with children they could really go to town on making the design very individual, even adding their names.

When all your shapes have been coloured  add some detailing using the FINELINERS they come in four nib sizes. My favourites to use for doodling are the 0.1 and the 0.3

When you are happy with your patterns and colouring attach them to the rigid middles, one each side. I used regular white glue for this. 

Next take a fine brush and a little more white glue and carefully dab along all the edges..

And now for the  bit in which you cover yourself and the entire house and next doors cat in sparkly stuff!
Put a sheet of paper under your ornament and gently sprinkle some fine glitter along the edges. When you are done you can use the paper like a funnel to put the excess glitter back into the pot.

Now we have glittery edges. I used a different coloured glitter on each shape, whichever colour best matched the pens that I had used, but you could just stick to one colour if you wish. 

Finally make a hole in the top of each shape, I used a cropodile to do this as the middle layer is quite tough. Then use your flexmarkers to colour some thin satin ribbon and attach to each ornament. 

Come back tomorrow when I will have another Flexmarker project and a giveaway starting.

( see previous post for winner of the metallic markers)


  1. that work you did with the glitter was really neat. as much as i love glitter, i somehow always mess it real bad! :D love your work.. love! :)

  2. These look amazing Darcy, fab idea.
    C xx

  3. Calmed down a bit now to say that I fancy trying this out as I have the gingerbread die and love your results!
    Jo x