Wednesday 20 February 2013

JO FY/PaperArtsy Sample Three ..Eva..

Here we are, sample number three. This one is done with JOFY 11, designed by Jo Firth Young and distributed by PaperArtsy..

Again I started with a rough sketch, which I covered in clear gesso. When I first saw this plate I noticed the phrase 'keep off the grass'...well if I wasn't allowed on the grass then I would have to fly, and so the idea of the fairy was born.

First lot of colour is done with matte finish craft paint, just blocking in shapes. 

The second layer is stencilling. I used Crafters workshop swiss dots stencil.  I also lightly stamped some of the flowers around the edge, and some of the text stamps in the hair. All this will partially disappear, but enough will be left to add interest to the layers.

Now i took a brayer and rolled white acrylic over most of the page. You can see how the stencilling and stamping is knocked back just a little. 

I then stamped the flowers into the hair.. plus the 2 butterflies. 

I lightly drew out a fairy on the right side, and used the butterfly wings as her wings too, she also has a flower as her hat. I masked off the face and used the grass stamp around the hairline, and then also stamped the 'keep off the grass' phrase into the hair. i wanted this on a curve, so I stamped it one word at a time. 

Colouring with Letraset Aquamarkers..  shading in the darker areas of the hair with dark greens, then adding the lighter greens. 

Here the hair,fairy,butterflies and flowers are finished.

You can see how well the Aquamarkers blend into each other. Notice the subtle layers where the stencilling and first layer of stamping is just peeping thru the white. 

Next I worked on the face, using Caran d'Ache Neocolor watersoluble crayons. They are wonderfully creamy, and great for blending.

I did the eyes with Aquamarkers, and then added white highlights around the page with a white gelly roll pen. 

I stamped the title onto smooth printer paper and glued it to the page, adding a shadow underneath with an aquamarker. 

I shaded the face and the darker areas in the hair with a regular graphite pencil..

I masked off one of the flowers and stamped the flower head around the edge of the page as a border. I coloured these with Aquamarkers, and then added some neocolor to the very edge... blending that inwards, just slightly over the border.

Here is the finished page...I totally love this one..

Pop back tomorrow for the final photos of sample 4. 


  1. Darcy, I think your work is great - I love these stamps and have been looking at the JO FY collection trying to decide which to buy and have decided I NEED them all. I think your art work really show cases the stamps excellently and I adore the face in your work - I am already looking forward to tomorrow to see what you have come up with next Kim#112

  2. I totaly love it as well. Wish I could do this.

  3. This is one of my fave Darcy projects, thanks for reminding us how Aqua Markers can look when used by someone who knows what they are doing. Stunning :-)