Tuesday 19 February 2013

JO FY/PaperArtsy Sample Two

As promised here are the step-out  photos of sample two. This page uses the brand new plate of stamps JO FY 10, designed by Jo Firth Young and available from stores carrying the PaperArtsy stock.

Here is the plate of stamps..

As with yesterdays piece I started out by lightly sketching the placement of my images, only roughly as these lines will all be covered over. 

Next I coated this with clear gesso and once that was dry I blocked out the shapes roughly with matte craft paint. I then added contrast with a Crafters Workshop stencil, (mini harlequin)

To add interest to the layers I used some of the stamps randomly and then knocked back the colour with white acrylic. 

Next I stamped out the flower heads onto waste paper, and using them as guides and masks i stamped the various flower heads in clusters over each vase.

Again to colour in I used Letraset Aquamarkers,for the flowers.. they blend perfectly over the matte finish of the craft paint.  I added white hightlights with FW acrylic ink.

once the colouring was done I added a little interest to the shelf edging by randomly stamping the criss cross stamp into each of the scallops. (cut a curved piece of waste paper to add as a mask so you dont stamp past the edge of the scallops) I used Memento ink in Sweet Plum.

To colour the vases/flower pots I used neocolor water soluble crayons. I shaded lightly with a regular graphite pencil  and then added the 'grass' stamp to the bottom of the vases, to make them look old/cracked/weathered..

So this is how it looks now... 

Next I stamped the title onto smooth printer paper using black Archival ink, and glued each piece in place.

The title did not seem to fit with my shelves full of flowers, it says that the flowers will not be picked, but here I am picking the flowers and filling vases with them. So I altered the title slightly ...

 I went around everything with a light grey aquamarker , just to add a little definition. 

Finally I added a little neocolour crayon to the edge of the page, blending it inwards...

and here it is finished..

Because I had used water soluble mediums I lightly sprayed the whole thing with satin varnish to protect it. 

Come back tomorrow to see the photos of sample number 3. 


  1. your coloring is amazing as usual. Great tip for the outlining too.

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the colouring and especially how you've altered the sentiment!! Thanks for the step by step.

  3. So fabulous! Imagination run riot with these great stamps...
    Alison x