Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday leftovers...

Sorry not roast beef, I am still playing with leftover paper. This time I am using up some of my 'scratch' paper, otherwise known as scrap paper.

Whenever I paint, or spray or stencil..I have spare paper at the side of me. I wipe off excess paint onto the scrap paper. I clean my brushes onto it. I put it underneath when I am spraying. I end up with multicoloured pieces of paper that are mostly just too pretty to throw away.

Some are book pages, some are where I tried out a new stamp, most are just sheets of cheap printer paper. Don't try and plan out these papers, that is not their purpose. They are just sheets of paper to protect your table, protect the page underneath, or to clean your brush...The way to get them looking interesting is to use them over and over.

Today I started with this piece, I cut it down to a square. It has spray ink on it, some Fresco paint, some stamping, and even a bit of grunge paste. 

I stamped my zip heart from EDY01

Coloured it with translucent Fresco paints..and painted the grunge paste black. 

I added Treasure Gold..

and mounted onto a card blank. 

Next I took some book page, and stamped the cog heart from EDY02 
I have no idea what is already on this book page, obviously some paint, and looks like some script stencilling, but there was also some weird glue type stuff lol

I added embossing ink to the heart and covered it with clear embossing powder. I have a few brands, but I do like the powders from WOW...

Once heated, I inked the edges, matted onto scrap card and mounted to a small gift tag. 

hard to see here, but the heart is very shiny, and looks cool against the matte paint in the background. 

For my last one, I took this had been used for cleaning stencils. I added my cog background stamp to the lighter half. Then I tore it all into strips. 

I stamped the sentiment from EDY01 onto another scrap piece, that was in a contrasting colour, and layered them all up. 

The pink stencilled paper was alternated with the cog stamped paler pieces. 

The sentiment on green and blue, was matted onto black card. 

The heart was meant to be something else entirely. I was working on a square piece with a heart in the middle, the heart had clear embossing powder on it, and the background was loaded with paint. It all fell apart. Not one to give up,well not too easily... I pulled away the wet paper and was left with just the heart, looking a bit the worse for wear. I covered it in Treasure Gold, and then deliberately snapped it in as many pieces as possible. I wanted it to be completely broken apart. 

I then glued the heart to the card, using glossy accents. I squished it inwards so that the cracks would push the whole thing upwards and make it 3D. Of course it could never go through the post, but I really like the broken heart.  A happy accident, and one that I would use again as a 3D embellishment. 

Have a great week ahead. 

Darcy x


  1. Sometimes scraps make for the best art pieces. They are incredible!

  2. They're gorgeous Darcy, that broken heart is very effective.

  3. Keep all my old pages too but don't use them often, thanks for the reminder. All your cards are fab Darcy :-)

  4. These are fab Darcy, great way to use your scrap papers.
    C xx

  5. So imaginative and clever!

    Lucy x

  6. I love the scrap papers and happy accidents! Thanks for sharing your creations. :)