Friday 24 January 2014

DLP week 4

Our prompt this week was to do a page of journalling, then paint over it, just leaving one word visible. So to start with I stuck in these printed journalling tickets. I then wrote all over the page. 

Of course I won't show what I wrote, but this is the next stage. I painted over the whole page leaving just these few words free. 

Well that looked pretty boring, so I added a few more layers of paint, dry brushing and stencilling. 

...and that was ok, but it still needed more.. So I laid some  leaf shaped masks over the words and then painted the rest of the page white. 

I was liking it now, but it needed doodling. So I added the doodled, stripey border around each leaf. 

But of course I now had white spaces, so I filled those with quick doodles of flowers and then painted them. 

...and now it's all BAM! in your face lol so I am calling it done. 

Darcy x


  1. Fourteen layers later..... Think your page turned out so great! Love all the colours, your work is NEVER boring Darcy but full of inspiration. Your flowers are stunning & add fun to your page. Awesome page:-) xxx

  2. SO many layers, but what a wonderful end result - love the flowers and doodling, Darcy.

  3. Really like how your page evolved the colours you chose for your flowers makes them pop against the more subtle colours. Great doodling too.

  4. Oh my goodness me - this is just amazing. You manage to put so many layers on and created so much detail. I sooooooo wish I had the talent for that - my efforts end up looking like mud!

  5. Sorry trying again.ty for sharing the creavolution of your artful page and how you didn't let those pesky white spaces deter you, nosiree! ! Great to have you on the same journey. Blessings!

  6. I love it. I would have be scared to go over with the white paint, but the result is fantastic.


  7. Love how you go that extra step, where other fear to tread, and come to a wonderful place