Thursday 15 May 2014

DLP Week 8

I did it, I finally got my machine out to sew flaps to add to a flap in my DLP journal. ..Ok don't get excited, I am still 7 weeks behind, but I am getting there. lol

I was inspired by the flaps/pocket that Roben-Marie Smith made, go see, she even has a i started to look for things to make into a pocket. As week 8 was back in Feb, I wanted to use something from that month. 

I had kept these train tickets and reserved seat tickets from a trip to London. 

I trimmed the longer ones down to the same size as the smaller ones...

I then punched a corner out using a circle punch. 

I put the tickets together and stitched around 3 of the sides..

All I need to do then was attach them to the original flap using washi tape. 

But what to fill them with? i cut 3 strips of card and backed them with patterned paper. 

After much searching(and help from twitter friends) I copied out this poem about the views from a train window. By R.L.Stevenson

here are the cards tucked into the pockets with the flap open.. The original flap is a piece of marbled paper, I didn't add anything extra to it as it would make the whole thing too busy. 

And with the flap closed and the poem hidden behind.. 

Darcy x


  1. How clever! I love that the poem goes with the theme of train tickets. ♥

  2. Great tutorial thanks, Aren't you loving DLP?

  3. That is so clever & it looks great too. I love your handwriting.

  4. Very clever idea, love it

  5. these are it!