Tuesday 17 May 2016

New Journal..

My friend Miriam found some cheap journals recently and very kindly sent one to me, we have decided to do paired journals. We each do a page in our own journal and then swap  and work in each other's journals and then swap again and so on.. 

So to start with i decorated my covers, using Grunge Paste through stencils, painting this black and then using 2 coats of Glossy medium to seal and protect. 

The pages in this journal are very thin, so I have gone right though the whole book glueing pages together in pairs. Although this cuts the page numbers down by half it does mean you have thicker pages to work on, very helpful when using wet media. 

So here is the first page done by me.. I began by scraping layers of Fresco paint. 

Then adding black, more white and then brighter translucent colours. 

More black, and some portfolio crayons, also some white dots in the black areas. 

I love all these layers

I then sketched out my focal design and whited it out. 

Added in some underpainting. 

I also added some texture , using Grunge Paste on the mushroom tops and on the stalks. 

I added shading with paints and once dry I added more shading with coloured pencils.

The last shading was around everything with Stabilo pencils. 

I added the text.. 

I think this might be my favourite area, love the layers and bits of texture,

This now needs sending off to Miriam so she can do the next page, can't wait to see what she does. 

Darcy x


  1. what a great idea, and i love your first page... the cover looks pretty great, too!

  2. A great idea and super first page and cover x

  3. I love making new journals...trouble is I never seem to get round to working in them lol...gorgeous page :D XXX

  4. Love the 50s vibe of the background, great colours x

  5. Wow....this looks gorgeous Darcy....I'm really looking forward to our swap.... it will be great

  6. Super idea and totally gorgeous journal cover and page! The background colours are fab! xoxo

  7. What a lovely idea - I like it! Love your pages - especially the mushrooms/toadstools, they look fab! Xx

  8. Wow! Brilliant to see those layers and I love the toadstools! Your cover looks great too! Chrisx

  9. Hi Darcy, what a brilliant idea, I love your covers and the layers you have on your pages are fabulous. x