Sunday 19 April 2009

New sock monster, yet to be named, I think he's a bit cute and would love to keep him lol

Socks for Ian, for Easter. I can't tell you about the pattern as I have completely forgotten how I did them, and clearly wasn't organised enough to write the destructions down...shame as I quite like the pattern and want some for myself. I may sit and work out what I did at some point, but probbaly not, life is too short. Oh and note to self, do not wrap Cadburys creme eggs up inside socks. Ian opened them while still in bed, opening the sock up above his head, at which point the eggs fell out and almost concussed him.

New birthday card, hand drawn outlined with letraset fineliner and coloured with promarkers. not happy with the arms and legs, must try harder lol

I need to make a non religious christening/naming card......any ideas?

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