Friday, 14 October 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 38 Author.

I coloured the page using alcohol inks , because it is just card stock the ink soaks in pretty quick. i created the patterns on it using splashes of water and also blending solution. No need to colour the back as the ink soaks straight through.

I used the fabulous new alcohol inks from Letraset, more about those another day, when I have more samples to show you.

I then drew and cut out the shape of an open book, and glued to it images of fantasy characters.

On the back I splodged (technical term) lots of matte medium, dried it with a heat gun then rubbed gold wax over it.

I glued the book images to the front and added my title, and rubbed a little gold around the edges.

Finally I printed out my journalling and added that to the back.


  1. Another genius page - the open book looks fantastic and the gold is so shiny :) - what a treasure you will have at the end of all this.

  2. Gorgeous base card, and is that Jem fron Dark Crytal??
    Loved that story :D XXX