Monday 10 October 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 41. Desire

Definition=a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment.

What do you long for? Are your desires ever fulfilled? Do you feel desirable, is there someone in your life that makes you feel desirable?


  1. Gosh Darcy... I'm miles behind, and after such a flying start. I think/promise I am going to have a whole 2 days soon just doing your journal pages...I really am missing doing them :D XXX
    So I guess that's what my desire page will be about haha!

  2. Hiya
    I have been blog hopping and came across your Blog. I like the style of your crafting. Was wondering if you would like to apply to become a DT member for unfortunately we do not pay or send stash but are simply a friendly blog that inspire other crafters and it's good advertising too. We only ask you have to post twice a month atm. please email if interested

  3. Oh I'm catching up on my book - I got stuck on tribal of all things but I've battered it into submission so now I've completed wilderness and just on with unique - loving these challenges can't believe how full my book is getting!

    Think I might struggle with crayon but looking forward to desire!