Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gift Bag

So I needed a little gift bag ...

I took a Kraft coloured file folder. Cut in half, one side will be slightly wider, use this one.

Find the middle of the long side, fold one half in about 1cm past the middle point, then fold over the second half. They will overlap slightly, use double sided tape to stick along the bottom edge and the edge where they overlap.

Score a line along both sides and along the bottom. I scored 2.5c in, however wide you do this will determine how wide the sides of your bag are.

Turn the whole thing over and score exactly the same on the reverse..

Put your hand inside the bag and pop out the sides, creasing the edges so they stay out. Fold the top over and pop some holes in using the cropodile.

Decorate the front of the bag.

On the bottom of the bag fold in the triangular ends, stick them down securely to make a flat base.

Add a ribbon and a little tag and you are all done.


  1. that looks easy but i bet if i tried it it wouldnt look half as good! lol

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing how to make it :)

  3. Very nice it was too... As was the gift inside it!

  4. Brilliant! thanks for sharing your fab knowledge (agaiN!)

  5. Who needs a gift when the bag's this good!

  6. Now that is supremely nifty Darcy, love it.