Thursday 24 November 2011

Alcohol Inks

I needed to make a new home card.  I pulled out a square card blank and cut a piece of photo paper slightly smaller. Then I had a play with my LETRASET alcohol inks.

I dripped and blended and smooshed around and dripped more and blended more...I love getting messy...

I ended up with this piece. I used poppy,cobalt blue,baby pink,meadow green and moss. you only need a little, seriously these colours are VIBRANT..

The more I added and blended I noticed this cracking around the edges... so I added more, blended more to make the cracks bigger. I love them....what a happy accident. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I love texture, love cracks and bubbles and I often heat things up to distort them.

Now I have no idea how this cracking happened, was it the ink? or the amount I used or the photo paper?  I tried to replicate it on another piece of photo paper and it didn't happen...not a single crack no matter how much ink I added...pfft..slightly disappointed hahaha

so it must have been the particular brand of photo paper that I used, and I can't even tell you what it is, because it was just a random off-cut in a drawer. Grr don't you hate it when you make something fabby and you can't work out how to do it again.

So I have my piece of inked and cracked paper....I drew my design straight onto the photo paper.

and then I filled in the shapes with a little basic tangling. No complicated patterns, nothing too dense as I wanted the colours to be the focal point.

Finally mounted to a card blank and it is ready to send off.


  1. Gorgeous happy accident, Darcy.

  2. cheap pound shop photo paper cracks readily with some inks, forget which ones it was sometime ago like over two years and my memory aint that good :)

    Beautiful card Darcy, loving the texture very much

    Helen x

  3. that is a fabulous effect, you must find out what the paper was!

  4. hi.
    i love LOVE the new profile picture :))))))