Tuesday 22 November 2011


So, I signed up for the free mandala class over on WILLOWING... the class is being taught by the beautiful GUADALUPE...

you should check out the class, it is so relaxing watching her work. Making mandalas is very much like tangling, and you can combine the two.

I drew my mandala first in pencil on watercolour paper...

Then I coloured using Inktense pencils...

I went back in and added some shading with Graphitint pencils...

And finally added some doodling...


  1. these are strangely addictive, I downloaded some templates before joining the class but I got so involved in colouring its now approaching 4am LOL joined the class just now instead so will look at the rest of the videos and stuff during the day. Love your colours, very nice :)

  2. So pretty....something else to add to my to do list :D XXX

  3. How gorgeous Darcy..I just so admire you gals that know when it's finished...it's a great skill.

  4. so cool! I need 15 more hours in my day to try all the things I want to try!