Friday, 22 June 2012

Postcard Challenge

week 25 Australia..

This week was bitter sweet for me. I love so much about Australia, and it is close to my heart as my sister lived there for many year. However some of you will know she passed away just a couple of weeks was hard to get a start on this one, but I did know what I wanted to do.

My 3 themes are sheep...there are lots of sheep stations in Oz, Captain James Cook...and Mackenzie Thorpe...

I shall explain.

well the sheep are self explanatory..

Captain Cook is from my area, his museum is in my town..

Read about him HERE...

There is also a memorial museum in nearby Whitby, and a monument up on the moors. Many a time I have walked up there with a picnic. So it seemed fitting to include him this week, as he ties to both here and there..

Now onto Mackenzie Thorpe, he is also a local man.

Read about him HERE... He has always been a favourite of mine.

A couple of years ago he was asked to take part in a celebration of Cooks journey to Australia, this was because they were both from here and they have both journeyed across the world.

He painted a fantastic set of images, depicting a boys start in life here and the subsequent journey to Australia.

Read about that HERE...

When the exhibition opened in the museum I was lucky enough to be there and meet him.(It was 2yrs ago, I look really rough there lol It wasn't long after I had injured my back and I was in a lot of pain.)

and I got his signature..

So there you have 2 men from my town, both with very close ties with Australia. So here is the page in my book.. I started with a map of Oz, with some stamping over it and then topped with photos that I took at the exhibition.

Then back to the sheep connection. Mackenzie Thorpe does great paintings of sheep, so I used a couple of them and recreated a small one for my card..

again no back from me. The days are just running away, so many projects so little time.

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  1. Love your sheep. Sorry to hear about your sister, know how that feels. Valerie

  2. Your sheep are fab and your towns connection with Australia. Sorry to hear about your sister too. Sending you lots of hugs. A xx

  3. Love that sheep postcard and hearing about your and your towns connections with Australia. So sorry about your sister my thoughts are with you.
    Jen x

  4. A lovely and cheerful sheep postcard! I am a big fan of sheep (we used to have a small flock) very interesting animals. Very sorry about your dear sister, I can see this week's challenge was for you a bitter sweet experience. Hugs.

    Janet xx

  5. Love those "stackable" sheep. That's what the make me think of.

  6. Oh Darcy I'm so sorry about your sister. I didn't know {{{HUGS}}}
    Aaaah, Captain Cook, Thank you! hehehe
    Love your postcard :)

  7. Very Cool makes me happy that you were happy! Super & duper and comfy looking sheep'age.

    <3 <3 <3

  8. Great sheep sweet!! Also loved your story page...must have been exciting to meet Mr. Cook!! Hope you're getting stronger each day, Darcy...prayers still coming your way for you and your family.

    Big Hugs,

  9. This note is for Cindy...I tried 4 times to leave a message on your blog and your "I'm not a robot" security wouldn't let me. Sorry... I've had this problem before.


  10. Sending big hugs your way Darcy, I can't even start to imagine what you've been going through...
    Lovely postcard with the stacking sheep
    Hang in there

  11. Great idea to use the local links. Right to be proud. Sorry to hear about your sister - Hugs from over here x

  12. Darcy What a honour to meet Mr. Thorpe
    It is so hard to lose a love one- My nephew lost their unborn son recently and even still almost 2 months later I think of Ethan every day! So I know your sister would be proud of you sharing her memory with us!

  13. An understandably tough week for you. I love the sheep art and how cool that you met one of your inspiration artists.

  14. thank you for sharing your memories with us. A hard week for you. a great postcard, love your sheep.

  15. Those sheep are so cute!!! I love that style :D XXX