Monday, 10 December 2012

Candy Bags

I made some really cute candy bags...

one for Halloween  and one for Christmas..

the back..

the side..

These make ideal gifts for kids to take to school for their teachers and friends...or even just stocking fillers. All you need is watercolour paper and some Aquamarkers see them here..

See how I made theme over on my Candy Bag post on the Letraset blog.


  1. Love your candy bags.... nice idea! Just wanted you to know I'm thrilled that I have received my Metallic Markers prize... quicker than I expected and thanks again for enabling it. I'll thank Letraset too!
    Love jo x

    1. yay! so glad they arrived nice and quick you'll be able to make some christmassy stuff with them. x

  2. Amazing Candy bags love this idea and will give it a try :) thanks for the tut too