Thursday 5 May 2016

Wanderlust Kate Crane Part 1

I fnally got around to starting the actual lessons on the Wanderlust course, not all have appealed to me so I am picking out my favourites to do. Going right back to the beginning of the year { I am so far behind lol} I chose to do the Kate Crane class. 

Before the main lesson we had to fill some pages with mark making, I had done this many years ago, but it is always handy to have a collection of scribbles and marks and patterns that can be used in other projects. 

I had some very very old sketchbooks that I had taken apart, thus giving me a huge pile of paper. Not really good enough to do good drawings on, but ideal for quick sketches and for mark making exercises. From some of these I made some tiny signatures, the pages are only 10 cm by 14cm. 

I compiled 7 signatures each with 4 sheets, giving me lots of little pages. I have bound them into a piece of canvas, whch I painted. 

Front cover:

Front and back covers, showing the stitching in the spine where the pages are attached. 

Here you can see I have lots of pages and I wil fill them all over time with patterns and ideas for use on bigger pages. 

Here are a couple of the pages done along with Kates exercises. 

Not a new technique for me, but nevertheless I did enjoy doing the pages. Sometimes it is good to revisit old techniques. 

Darcy x


  1. Great idea to make small ideas books though. Guess we is getting old as I too find i have already tried most techniques, but it is nice to revisit through someone elses eyes :D XXX

  2. Great project Darcy - I can see you enjoyed re-visiting old techniques! Love your book covers

  3. taking the class too. I like your cover! Helene

  4. Looks awesome Darcy! I am just now starting with Wanderlust. I totally forgot I bought it until I came across an email the other day ! Uh yeah, that's me lol