Sunday, 8 May 2016

Wanderlust Kate Crane Part 2

So here is the mini journal that I made for the Kate Crane lesson. I have to say it was a lot of work.. not hard, just very time consuming. Lots of pages needed colouring on both sides with several layers on each.

Despite the time taken I am pleased with how it turned out. I have no idea how I will use it yet. Kate suggested a travel journal, but as i don't really go anyway that won't work for me lol It will probably end up just as a handbag journal, to play in when I go to town and stop off for coffee. 

I pretty much followed Kate's instructions, it is actually nice to just follow along and not have to think too much lol 

My front cover features a stencil by Seth Apter  I love these collage style stencils. The covers measure 13cm x13cm. 

Here are my insides..of the book, not my actual insides, cos that would be a bit gross and not very arty lol  Because of the paper that I was using I had enough to make two pockets instead of one. 

I really like all the colour inside and the use of different sized pages. 

So far all I have added is a few quotes here and there. 

In total there are 50 small pages to work on, so it's a bit of a monster really .. plus 6 tags! However because of the concertina style it all folds up very neatly and is only 2 cm thick. I guess it will expand as i fill it, so it may become chunky. 

Very happy to be able to tick one lesson off lol 

Darcy x


  1. Your journal is gorgeous Darcy....worth the time it took to make

  2. Very cool Darcy. Time well spent!!

  3. Oh Darcy this is brilliant, the cover and the insides is great contrast. Love the insides doodles and colours. If possible to say I want to see the insides each pages. xx

  4. Fabulous work Darcyface...but I think Damien Hirst might disagree about innards not being arty lol XXX

  5. Really lovely Darcy - it looks fab! That Seth stencil on the front is just perfect for this project :-)

  6. Hi Darcy, a little visit tonight at last, it's a while I did the last one, sorry for not being able to watch and read your last posts and makes...
    I have loved doing myself this Wanderlust project - doing only three myself up to now, time is missing to continue at the moment - so it's great to admire your version, really fab, I love all your pages inside!!!!
    Hugs (and I will catch-up with some of your last posts as soon as possible, in particular the ones related to Wanderlust.. It's always so interesting to compare the works!! I love that, especially since I love all what you do!!! Lol. But True :D xx

  7. That looks amazing, gorgeous colours & layers.

  8. Fabulous concertina, wow! I love the contrast between the black cover and the beautifully colored pages!